Inspired by a journey through the perfumes and colours of the Florentine Hills. The Fiorentini (Floral) Collection by Nesti Dante is is an exquisite range of fresh floral's that for centuries, have grown naturally in the magnificent Tuscan countryside. Six floral options are on offer:

Iris- The floral emblem of Florence, Iris can be found growing abundantly in the Tuscan countryside. Nesti Dante has created a natural soap bar inspired by its soft powdery fragrance.

Poppy- Its petals, which are as crimson as they are fragile, make Poppy the floral symbol for passion. A long lasting soap bar that gently lathers to cleanse and moisturise all skin types

Broom Flower- Admired for for its intoxicating scent, the person who wears this fragrance is said to be irresistible! Nesti Dante natural soap brings this much loved floral fragrance to the home.

Lavender- This richly hydrating 250gm lavender soap will soothe the body and calm the mind.

Sweet Violet- During the Renaissance, Sweet Violet was said to embody the secrets of seduction and symbolised love. A perfect fragrance that has been captured in an all natural olive oil based formulation.

Cypress- Nesti Dante captures the Tuscan icon fragrance of Cypress tree in a olive oil based soap designed to invigorate the senses.

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