Nature and art are tied together to present an evocative tribute to beautiful Tuscany. Six exquisite 250g soaps are featured, each hand-wrapped in precious Florentine paper featuring scenes of the magical Tuscan countryside.

Thermal Water- Capturing the heart, soul and sensibilities of Tuscany, this sweet, pure fragrance works to calm the body and enliven the skin.

Blooming Gardens- The captivating scent of a Tuscan spring garden in full bloom awakens and excites the senses

Golden Countryside- The magical Tuscan countryside with an abundance of sweet poppies give rise to this warm, deeply satisfying soap.

Mediterranean Touch- Evoking the Mediterranean sea breeze, this Nesti Dante 250gm soap bar features invigorating notes of juniper, thyme and pine resin fragrances.

Villages & Monasteries- A beautiful tribute to historic Tuscany, this evocative soap ties together heaven and earth with a bouquet of woody incense. The all natural olive oil based formula helps to moisturise and soften.

Enchanting Forest- Inspired by green, woody-forest notes that act to calm the mind and soothe the body

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