Dolce Vivere

The 'Dolce Vivere' (sweet life) Collection by Nesti Dante is a tribute to Italian beauty and lifestyle. This beautiful soap, bath and body collection creates the feeling of being in one of its most enchanting places, by evoking the nostalgia and romance of four iconic Italian destinations. All soaps come beautifully presented in cake soaps of 250 grams.

Rome-  a city boasting history, culture, government and art. Nesti Dante pays homage to this great world city with an aromatic soap featuring of sweet notes of fig, combined with the warm touch of muscat and oleander in bloom.

Florence- a place adored by many. From such a place come the Nesti Dante Firenze soap. Sensual notes of blue iris and laurel blend together to create a sparkling fragrance rich in vitality and energy.

Sardegna - A long lasting soap bar bursting with fragrant myrtle nectar, Lentiscus and Helycrisum. This soap captures the essence of Sardegna's fresh morning air, the sun above the beach and the unmistakable scent of wild berries.

Capri- An energising soap bar full of fragrant goodness. Vibrant notes of orange blossom, juicy mandarine and fresh Italian basil. A unique Nesti Dante soap with all the charm, romance and passion of Capri.

Venice- Passion and creativity... virtues of the wonderful Italian city of Venice. An enchanting fragrance mix of red geranium, rice cloud and cotton flower. A tender and luxurious olive oil soap created from memories of artifacts and feelings.

Portofino- a soothing combination of rose water, flax and marine lily. Reminiscent of a journey through the beautiful Italian coastal masterpiece that is Portofino.

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