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If there were ever a plant that’s perfect for people who are terrible with plants, it’s the sweetheart or heartleaf philodendron. Not only are they easy to keep healthy (seriously, they’re harder to kill than to keep alive), but they come in a variety of beautiful shades and grow into cheerful, bushy plants

Create your own urban jungle with these easy care indoor Philodendrons. They thrive on indirect light and watering a few times a week. Philodendrons do just fine in low light conditions, one of the best aspects of their versatility. Plants that receive medium or indirect light, however, will grow faster and produce more leaves. 

Philodendron are one of the well-loved decorative and home plants in our climate Its origin lies in the rainforests of South-America where they grow on trees in the jungle. 

Their only drawback is that they are toxic to cats, dogs and people

They come in a textured concrete pot.