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Local Rununculus

Spring is definitely on the wing when the gorgeous rununculus are out. These stunning blooms come originally from the Meditteranean coast.  The name ranunculus stems from the Latin “rana” meaning frog, and “unculus” meaning little. If you imagine these blooms growing abundantly along streams like little frogs in the spring, the name seems quite fitting. These fairy tale blooms symbolize radiant charm and beauty. In Victorian times, people would give them to someone they were attracted to as a way of saying “I am dazzled by your charms.” They’re the perfect “I have a crush on you” flowers.

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Local Parrot Tulips

True extroverts. Colourful, frilled and flamboyant, Parrot tulips always draw attention. These flamboyant flowers command attention and add their own sense of wild style to your tablescape. Parrot tulips may just turn your favorite vase into floral couture. For a flower that looks like it’s ready to walk down the Met Gala red carpet, parrot tulips are always ready to make an entrance. Just remember Tulips are closely related to lilies and are toxic to cats and dogs. 

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Local Stock

Known for their luscious scent, Stock Flowers (or Virginia Stock Flowers) are one we look forward to. Stock is an annual flowering plant native to the southwestern region of Greece and other parts of the Mediterranean. It is closely related to mustard. 

We love creating bouquets with stock, or adding this flower to mixed bouquets.  Stock flowers symbolise sincerity in love and affection, they are not associated with romance so it is a perfect flower for mum, grandparents or even a friend. Stocks also indicate the meaning of wished happiness to the recipient, so they are perfect toy send for any occasion.

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Local Tulips

Tulips are one of the world's most recognised flowers. In Holland there was a period of time where tulip bulbs were more expensive than gold! Not to elegant, too romantic, too big, too small, or too bright; the tulip is always just right. Like many flowers, different colors of tulips also often carry their own significance. Red tulips are most strongly associated with true love, while purple symbolises royalty. The meaning of yellow tulips has evolved somewhat, from once representing hopeless love to now being a common expression for cheerful thoughts and sunshine. White tulips are used to claim worthiness or to send a message of forgiveness. Variegated tulips, once among the most popular varieties due to their striking colour patterns, represent beautiful eyes.

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Local Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are one we look forward to every year! 

With its richly coloured yet small, delicate flowers, the sweet pea's history can be traced back to 17th century Italy, when a Sicilian monk, Franciscus Cupani, sent its seeds to England.

Although that original sweet pea bore little resemblance to the flower we know today, when Harry Eckford, a Scottish nurseryman, crossbred the original flower, he created the colorful, ornamental and sweetly scented sweet pea we know today.

Ekford's varieties included the pink Dorothy Eckford, the lavender Lady Grisel Hamilton, the scarlet King Edward VII and perhaps his most famous, the Countess Spencer. Meaning delicate or blissful pleasure in the language of flowers, this enchanting flower remains a favourite fragrant blossom.

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