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  • Shana Tova

    See In the New Year with Family, Friends and Flowers

The Right Flowers at the Right Time

White flowers are the perfect choice for Rosh Hashanah. White flowers symbolise a blank canvas and a readiness to start the new year with a clear and open mind.

White is also a symbol of purity and clarity, making them a popular choice to celebrate the festivities and mark this special occasion.

Our trough arrangement will look stunning as your table centrepiece, or placed in your window to welcome in the new year.

A bouquet of beautiful white flowers will signify a fresh start, and welcome the possibilities of the new year ahead.

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“Every act of forgiveness mends something broken in this fractured world. It is a step, however small, in the long, hard journey to redemption.”
                                              Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

The Phalaenopsis Orchid

Our 2020 Rosh Hashanah collection features the phalaenopsis orchid. Not only beautiful and elegant, the white orchid symbolises innocence and purity, which ties in perfectly with the opportunity Rosh Hashanah brings to reflect on the previous year and enter the new year with a clean slate and positive energy.

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“There is no expert on what will be. And yet, without knowing the future, I remain a man full of hope.”
                                                    —Shimon Peres