Bridal Bouquet Styles

Natural Stem Posy
A relaxed, modern, rounded posy of mixed flowers with the stems bound in either satin ribbon or natural vine. Designed to be held in front of the body.


Formal Clustered Posy
A structured posy of mixed flowers grouped in a traditional manner. Stems will be bound in satin ribbon.

Arm Sheaf / Spray
An elongated spray of grouped flowers designed to be cradled or carried over the arm. The natural stems will be decorated with either ribbon or vine.

Natural Stem Cascading
A larger bouquet designed to contain many blooms and give the effect of a waterfall of flowers.

Fully Wired Formal Teardrop Bouquet
A formal wired bouquet designed to hold in front of the body in a teardrop shape. The flowers are placed in a structured way to give a traditional floral effect.