Monstera in a White Pot
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Monstera deliciosa, the Swiss Cheese Plant are all names for an old fashioned but favorite houseplant for many. Look closely at the Latin name (Monstera deliciosa) and play around with it a little and you get "Delicious Monster".

While it's not at all delicious on the account of its leaves being poisonous, it really is a monster - in size.

There's no getting around the fact, while lovely and incredibly easy to care for, it needs space and will roar for it should you not give enough. This houseplant is not for the window sill or small flat in the long term.

The Swiss Cheese Plant will inevitably need support indoors, either by way of a moss stick or some stable nearby structure which you can tie it to. For example, exposed wall pipes or a sturdy floor lamp.

Categories: All Plants, Indoor Plants