Flower Care Tips

Cut flowers need care and treatment to maintain their beauty and maximize their longevity. To ensure that you enjoy the best from your flowers there are a few simple steps to follow.

Cut Flowers
• Fill a vase with fresh, cool water and add a few drops of bleach to kill any bacteria that may be in the vase.
• If your bouquet has been arranged and hand tied, leave the string tied so that your bouquet will keep its beautiful shape
• Remove any foliage from the stems that will be below the waterline in your vase.
• Using scissors or a sharp knife, cut 2 – 5cm off the bottom of the stems at a 45 degree angle before going into the vase and each time the flowers are out of water. Flowers naturally create an airlock once out of water and this will prevent water from traveling up the stems.
• Place freshly trimmed flowers into your vase
• Change water every second day and recut the stems again to ensure cleanliness and maximum hydration.
• Remove any bruised or blemished foliages or flowers to increase longevity.
• Keep flowers away from sun and heaters

• Arrangements in floral foam, oasis, boxes, containers and pots must be watered daily and kept moist.