Garden Rose Bouquets - Floriade

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Pan - God of Nature & Pastures

Inspired by the protector of nature, Pan resided in the forests and fields, Wattle & Queen Anne's lace are wildflowers, symbolic of unity and sanctuary, while the stunning disbuds and stock bring promises of optimism and a happy life. 

This bouquet is sure to bring contentment and well wishes to it's recipient.  The photo features the deluxe version of this bouquet. 

Inspired by antique simplicity, Floriade bouquets are on trend, abundant and never ever the same. Floriade's designs celebrate neoclassical style with an edge that draws the eye.
This truly unique floral design can be presented in a sparkling glass vase. Standard vases are perfect for our standard bouquets. We recommend a premium vase for Deluxe and Premium bouquets