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Flowers are always in fashion

November 07, 2020

Flowers are always in fashion

“Fashion is everywhere. Everywhere! Flowers are fashion to me, the sky is fashion, my garden is fashion.”

  • Anna Della Russo

 Flowers and fashion have always walked hand in hand, quite literally down the catwalk together. Infamous designer Christian Dior had a true love of floristry and regularly named his designs after flowers from his garden. Fashion houses from all over the world use flowers as their inspiration and have mood boards and ideas centred around a particular flower. Often, whole collections are created from the image of one single flower. The deeper meaning of flowers is often the catalyst behind the design. Whether it’s romance or revenge, flowers are a powerful tool for communication, design and fashion.

 As long as flowers exist, they will always feature in creative designs from clothing to curtains. Trends may come and go, but flowers will always be in fashion.

 Flowers through the years

Flower prints have been used in clothes, interior design, and art for many years. The use of floral prints is believed to have originated in Asia, inspired by the native Peony. The handmade silk designs were created by people with amazing skills who made intricate designs and then travelled to Europe, where only the very rich could afford to buy them. At this time, the West had never set eyes on a Peony, so the designs became a symbol of wealth and status. Flowers feature heavily in 16th and 17th-century fashion, with tulips being a popular flower at this time. Cotton would be dyed and hand-painted with flower designs to create beautiful dresses, bedding and wall art that would be displayed proudly in affluent homes. The Sunflower became popular in the Victorian era and William Morris brought it to life in his poetry. It then began to feature in fabrics and wallpaper throughout this period. Right up to modern-day, you’ll see flowers in fashion everywhere if you look for them.

 “Let us dance through the sun wearing flowers in our hair”

  • Susan Polis Schutz                                                                                                                     

 How can I wear flowers as fashion?

Flowers can be worn in so many ways. From subtle decorations to bold prints, they are used in fashion over and over again. They are a great way to incorporate the seasons into your wardrobe, by including the ‘in season’ flower into your outfits. If you have a love of flowers and want to incorporate them into your day to day style but don’t know where to start, here are a few ideas:


The corsage is a classic piece that originated in Ancient Greece, where people would wear herbs and flowers to ward off evil spirits. Nowadays they are worn on the wrist by women at proms, weddings, and balls. It’s associated with all things romantic and is usually given as a gift to show love and appreciation. White poppies and Bellflowers are a popular corsage choice, but you can use any flower to create a beautiful accessory to compliment any event.


Wearing flowers in your hair wasn’t just popular in the 1960s. Flowers have been used in hair for centuries. From flower crowns to tiaras and headpieces, flowers are used to create beautiful pieces.  Simply adding a fresh flower to your hair can add that extra something to your outfit. If you’re looking for a creative craft activity, you can create your own flower hairpiece. Simply use a plain headband and use glue to decorate it with beautiful flowers to your heart's content. Choose your favourite or stick to a theme, there’s so much you can do to create a unique flower hairpiece.

Creative fashion

Flowers are the perfect choice for creative fashion. It is only in recent years that we have had worldwide access to almost every flower, and designers have been using this to their advantage. Designers like Alexander McQueen have often used flowers to create bold high fashion pieces, the likes of which have then filtered down to the Highstreet with a more toned-down aesthetic. The striking look of the array of flowers we now have available to us means we can create amazing designs that you simply have to take notice of.   

One of the best things about fashion (and flowers) is that it’s all about creativity. There are no wrong answers so get out there and show off your flower fashion creations. If you’d like to find out more about the flowers that are currently in season to give your wardrobe a flowery touch, pop in-store today or give us a call.


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