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5 Questions with Natalya Aynsley

August 04, 2020

5 Questions with Natalya Aynsley

If you've called Floriade and been put on hold you've probably already heard the Kangaroo Paw Waltz, composed and performed by Natalya Aynsley. Natalya is a Russian born classically trained pop culture pianist based in Australia, we were beyond excited to commission this piece of music for Floriade, and work with her on this project. You can listen here

Natayla Plays Piano

What makes you smile when you get up in the morning?

Besides my cats chirping excitedly as they wait for me to feed them breakfast?? I started a little veggie and herb greenhouse project in my backyard during ISO and even though I've never been good at gardening, I love checking up on it every morning to see how everything is growing! I have harvested a few bits and pieces already and it's been a surprisingly therapeutic practice during these anxiety inducing times!

Who would you turn to for help on a presentation about your life?

Probably my partner. He knows all my secrets... of which I have very few since I have no filter and tend to overshare absolutely everything to everyone!

What is that one book or movie that has influenced you the most?

I couldn't ever pick one but I would have to say the old Soviet cartoons I grew up on. They really captivated my imagination as a kid and some of my earliest love of music could definitely be traced to the songs that featured in them.

What absolutely excites you right now?

I'm excited for this winter to be over... literally and figuratively! It feels like winter started all the way back in March but I'm excited to have this pandemic over and done with. I've been using all the free time I have as an opportunity to learn some new pieces, work on my personal and professional development and plan some exciting projects once the world returns to normal!

What's the most important thing we should know about you?

As a musician, my biggest aim is to make people feel something. When I play piano, I try my best to convey the feelings I'm experiencing to the listener and I'm so thankful we live in an age where it's possible to do so very easily in the online space.

You can read more about Natalya at www.natalyaplayspiano.com; listen on spotify: Natalya Plays Piano and be sure have a look at Natalya's fabulous youtube channel


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