Mini Orchids | Artisan Pottery

12 stems in an artisan vessel
Bespoke Pottery
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Laura Jankelson is an internationally known potter, whose work has been seen in Vogue, and in luxury spaces all around the world. Laura draws on her native birthplace, Africa, to form a style which reflects the earth and its colours, patterns and textures. Building on the techniques learned there she works largely with coarse sculptural clay bodies in terracottas and whites, hand building large coiled pieces. Rustic, organic vessels, in textured decorative forms.

Moved by shapes and colour, Laura draws from her dance background to form or ‘grow’ a pot. The urge to mould and build from a largely intuitive basis results in a pot that usually echoes her current feelings and sense of place and time. Loving the sensual tactile nature of clay, concentrating on its movement, ending with a texture suiting the form and size.

The colours in the collection reveal Laura’s earthy nature and moody temperament, matching the hues of Africa and the muddy tones of the soil while the whites reflect the peace she feels when creating pots. The clean lines and natural palette. The use of oxides to match her chosen clay medium, create matte finishes and patinas. Frequently smoke firing the vessels using sawdust, to create the asymmetrical deeper effects which this method provides. Laura says, “I love the smell that lingers on the pot after this firing, transporting me to the countryside where things grow and are ever changing.”

​Recently her collection is making a subtle transition to a different look, evolving from her move to this adopted land, Australia. Styles ranging from softer but still earthy shapes and colours, right through to stark white forms including shiny glazes. The journey of adapting to a new culture, so mixed in its peoples, revitalised her work process, so vital in the continuing process of creating art. Japanese art of wabi sabi allows a flow towards perfectly imperfect creations, which are both exciting and magical. The dramatic experience of Raku firings, where the unexpected happens, also excites and inspires her to experiment with glaze and more shiny surfaces.

“A pot teaches me humility – the control of clay is limited – ultimately, it takes on a life of its own, having its own spirit.” -Laura Jankelson.

This flower pot was handformed and fired in Sydney specifically for Floriade. 

Planted with 12 stems of mini white phalaenopsis this showstopper is an absolute one of a kind piece!